2 billion plastic razors go to landfill every year.

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RITOLOGY is defined as the study of rituals.

Simplify your personal care rituals with quality products designed for minimalist, sustainable living.

Switch to our plastic free razor, with 10 blades and a reusable travel tin  to minimise harm on our planet.

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  "For so long i've accepted shaving rash as a part of shaving. After testing the Smooth Operator I got the same close shave results but with less irritation." 

- Rosie Nalder

"The quality is really luxe, it made me slow down, take my time and enjoy myself. It truely felt like a ritual as opposed to my usual shaving chore. Plastic multi blade razor blades are expensive, I like I can save money on plastic free blades and have a sharper smoother shave."

- Briony Williams